Reply To: Module 2 discussion: One- to three-digit numbers through play

  • Charlotte Palesa Tsiloane

    August 27, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    I colour out drawings of fruits or vegetables sometimes animals, give each the same picture either fruits or vegetables then make them paste on the A4 page each written number 1-2-3… Then allow them to paste one fruit on number page Witten 1 then paste 2 fruits on a page written 2 then 3 fruits on the page written 3 fruits or it can be one page with different number and fruits not forgetting a song that ryhmes with all the numbers of fruits that we are working on…eg.. I have one green apple 2 yellow oranges and 3 red tomatoes lalalalalalašŸ’ƒrepeat the song while holding pictures of the numbers that they are singing about…it makes them easy to understand and trust me