Reply To: Module 5 discussion: Play activities on measurement

  • Charlotte Palesa Tsiloane

    August 27, 2023 at 3:08 pm

    One thing that we must not forget as practitioners is to engage/participate in the children’s daily activities… Gather children to stand against the wall and draw lines on top of their heads on the wall according to their heights then one by one ask them who is taller than the other and who is shorter…by doing so they get to know heights, teach your children time by letting know their time to eat, time to wash hands, time to play, time to sleep by making rhyming songs with the is time to wash our hands👏.. wash our hands👏 wash our hands👏 before we eat💃💃👏👏 by showing them time on the clock even a good morning and good afternoon song is very helpful in that way they will know the difference between morning and afternoon…