Reply To: Module 2 discussion: One- to three-digit numbers through play

  • Mathapelo Chabane

    September 15, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    i normaly introduce place value as one family with different members ۔I explain to learners that numbers has families also like we all do۔ i further elaborate that units are kids within the family and the start from 0-9 and its always the last on the given set of numbers۔ can also be drscribed as the age of children or number of children a mother might be able to have۔

    we also have tens which represents a mother the mother is always on the left handside of the child holding their hands or trying to protect the family and they start at the age of 10 to 90۔

    lastly our father is hundreds and always on the left hand side of the mom however it will lead our mom to be in the middle of our given set of numbers۔ father age strts from age 100 to 900۔

    i further demonstrate with building blocks or cubes that if we have 111 for instance

    we will split our number like

    100+ 10 +1 =111

    draw a column on the board as hundreds (father) tens ( mother) units (child)

    build on bring by counting in tens and paste the stack under dad۔

    move to mom and build a stack of ten and paste on the board

    and paste our one child under units and we work together with the learners allowing the to explore and come up with numbers they want to try out۔