Reply To: Module 5 discussion: Play activities on measurement

  • Nompilo Makhoba

    September 23, 2023 at 9:14 am

    The process of teaching and learning of measurement.

    – learners must understand the specific feature that had be measured

    – learners must understand the units that will be used

    -learners should know which strategies to use to determine measurements.

    -learners use number measurements to develop and solve their own real life problems.

    Informal measurements of time

    1. Sequencing on time- As teachers we start the by taking height measurements.

    2. Measuring time- using a sundial to teach children how time has pass.

    Informal measurement

    Formal measurement can only be started once they understand measuring time with non- standard measuring instruments

    – Measuring time

    – Passing time

    – Duration of event