Reply To: Module 3 discussion: Making play resources for patterns

  • Pauline Magogodi Plaatjie

    September 27, 2023 at 1:56 am

    one fun game in math and this can also help with one digit to three digit numbers, is a game of I HAVE WHO HAS. In this game, learners can be divided in two groups. The learners in one group have cards with one digit numbers. And the other group of learners have cards with two digit numbers and such cards contain also the answer. For example, something like 25 + ? = 251 (not really mathematically correct but let’s assume that example is correct). then the learner with the two digit numbers can shout what number they need to complete their two digit number to make it a three digit number. so the learner can say something like, “I have 25, who has 1?”