Reply To: Module 4 discussion: Teaching space and shapes through play

  • Mathapelo Chabane

    October 5, 2023 at 11:14 am

    Teaching space and shapes is so much fun and easy it allows learners to use all their learning styles. It develops their spatial and motor skills.

    I utilise various methods to teach space and shapes such as hop scotch to let the learner pick a certain shape and hop on it . I ask learners to identify real objects similar to the shapes around the classroom and outside the classroom throughout our school and also observing nature.we use our hands to try and form this shapes and we start with 2d shapes and pretend to inflate it to form a 3 d shape. Allow learners to draw and cut out shapes and also bring real objects from home which makes them curious and eager to learn about the characteristics of shapes it’s similarities and differences. Matching and sorting shapes,moulding shapes with clay and sticks . It allows learners not only do understand and master shapes however it builds their motor skills and spatial orientation.