Reply To: Module 2 discussion: One- to three-digit numbers through play

  • Tsunduka Monnica Bekwa

    October 7, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    Have objects that you will use as counters such as building blocks, Before starting with the lesson find out if the learners understand or have prior knowledge of units, tens, and hundreds. Then have your own object that you will use to demonstrate the units, tens and hundreds. As you say the number make sure that they say it after you loud and clear, repeat the process until you are sure that they have understood the concept. Then, in groups of 5 with 5 kids per group (depending on the children you have in class), give each group flashcards with three random numbers and ask them to play around with the building blocks and place the unit number aside, the tens aside and hundreds aside. Then allow each group to explain how they have come up with the allocation, they might have different explanations, but what matters is does a learner understands what the unit, tens and hundreds are. if you have learners that are still struggling try another method or just teach units only and only move to tens and hundreds when the concept has been grasped (do not move to the next concept if the child/learner did not grasp the concept).